he Cercle des Entrepreneurs Francophones en Corée – CEFC was established in 2006, as a French non-profit association with its main operations in Korea. 

Our Mission

  • To build a friendly network of French-speaking entrepreneurs in South Korea so that they can freely interact, share ideas, experiences, and good practices, and co-create joint projects;
  • To offer advice and support to French-speaking entrepreneurs in the process of creating / developing micro,  small and medium-sized businesses in Korea; 
  • To provide online channels for sharing resources on the creation, management and development of companies in Korea, and the Korean business, socioeconomic, and cultural environments and ecosystems. 

 Our Actions and Tools

  • Quarterly meetings (usually first Tuesdays of March, June, September, and December);
  • Online sharing platform and social networks;
  • Casual meetups, after-work meetings and networking events;
  • Thematic workshops, seminars and presentations with invited speakers; 
  • Partnerships with local and international (especially French-speaking) business-related institutions in Korea.  

Our Members

  • Around 40 members from various backgrounds, covering a full range of areas of expertise: IT, digital marketing, consulting and capacity-building, food & beverage, international trade, culture, sports, tourism & hospitality, etc.; 
  • Staff ranging from 1 to 65 employees; 
  • Most members have studied / worked in Asia, including Korea, before embarking on a business creation journey. 

Our Board